Eyelid Tape (Slender/Slim) 60 Pairs #97

SKU: S0097
Price: Rp 27.500
Product Description:
  • This product is mainly made of medical-grade plastic material of high permeability stickers.
  • Guaranteed health and safety.
  • Will not damage the eye skin or cause allergies.
  • Carefully Tailored for close fitting eyelids.
  • Transparent & more natural
  • Not easy to fall off
  • Widened design to allow eye contour looking more expressive and beautiful

How to Use:

  1. Clean eye with water or if you have eye makeup on, you have to clean them as well.
  2. With the stick, gently lift off the sticker base
  3. Depending on how you like the shape, you can trim them at the edges
  4. Can be used for any occasions