Armando Caruso 317 Angled Brush

SKU: AC317
Price: Rp 47.500

The 317 Angled Brush is typically used to apply, contour and blend eyeshadow with its dense and angled bristles. Ideally used for highlighting and contouring nose and face because of the larger-sized bristles. The angled design makes it easier to manouevre across the eyelid and face. Featuring unique two-layer bristles, this brush enables you to achieve a silky, flawless finish. 

317 Angled Brush biasanya digunakan untuk mengaplikasi, mengkontur dan membaur eyeshadow dengan bulunya yang lebat dan bentuk sikunya. Idealnya digunakan untuk menghighlight dan mengkontur hidung dan wajah karena bulu yang lebih berukuran besar. Desain bulunya yang miring membuat lebih mudah untuk manuver di kelopak mata dan wajah. Menampilkan bulu dua lapis yang unik, kuas ini memungkinkan Anda untuk mencapai hasil yang halus dan sempurna.

Height: 17 cm
Material: Synthetic

Armando Caruso makeup brushes are made with vegan friendly, cruelty-free synthetic but soft and high quality bristles.

Armando Caruso

Armando Caruso was born in the 1950s and was founded by Dr. Armando Caruso. The first products were silk foulards and scarves with floral, geometric and paisley designs. During those years, nobody used to put logos on scarves but in the early sixties, Armando Caruso has been among the first companies to put logos on his products to mark production and make it recognisable for final customers.

Today, after more than 60 years, the company is still specialised in producing foulards and scarves in silk, Cashmere and Pashmina.

They have also expanded to cosmetic bags, beauty cases, makeup brushes and many other beauty care accessories to fulfil women's daily necessities... and the products are appreciated, thanks to their very high quality and affordable pricings.