Cuticle Remover / Pusher

SKU: 12-14B
Price: Rp 32.500

TRIM® products are manufactured to the highest quality standards that have satisfied customers for over 70 years. 

• Precision manufactured for cuticle removal
• Easily pushes back and removes cuticles

Soak fingertips in warm water to render cuticles soft and pliable. Using the beveled end of the cuticle pusher, gently push cuticles back into a square shape. Carefully use the "V" tip to gently trim away any stray strands of skin or ragged edges of cuticle. Never cut the cuticle itself, since cutting healthy tissue will only toughen the skin and may damage the nail or cause infection. 

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by children.