Double Thick Comfort Insoles for Women

SKU: 6-67PX
Rp 85 000
Price: Rp 51.000
PedX®'s Double Thick Women's Insoles are twice as thick as single foam insoles for extra cushioning and comfort. Ideal for loose fitting shoes.
• Improves walking comfort and shoe fit
• Helps keep feet cool and dry
• Absorbs shock
• Fits inside any shoe type
This product includes: Ladies 6-10 • One pair


PED X® is a branded foot care program bringing the best for less, launched in 2005. The PED X® brand or our quality private label is found in more than 35,000 mass retailers and grocery outlets nationally. Merchandised in the foot care sections of these retailers, PED X® offers over 80 products for a complete assortment of quality foot care tools, insoles and specialty products to care and comfort feet. Created by Bassett Brands® with over 70 years of experience and knowledge in the personal care industry, the PED X® line offers quality and assortment at great value.

Copyright Information
The W.E. Bassett Co. All rights reserved. Ped X is the registered trademark of the W.E. Bassett Company.

Directions for Use:
  1. Separate left from right insoles.
  2. If needed, cut with sharp scissors along the outline that matches your shoe size.
  3. Insert insoles into shoes, fabric side up.
  4. Insoles must lay flat.
  5. Replace insoles every three months. More often, if you are active.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by children. In case of circulatory impairment or diabetes, contact a physician prior to use.